Grand Canyon South Rim (Grand Canyon Part 2)

After arriving in the Grand Canyon Village, we jumped on the bus for the Freedom Tour, included with our railway package.  This hour and a half tour takes you to 3 of the main overlooks on the South Rim.  Our driver was friendly and rather easy going, making certain not the leave the stragglers behind and dropping those of us who were staying overnight directly at our hotel.




The views were astonishing.  We came here when I was a teenager, but there weren’t really any guard rails or security measures, so last time I got out of the car and that was as far as I went.  This time, with my camera securely blocking out the heights, I was able to get right up to the rails and take some pictures.




Crows and other birds played on the thermal currents, swooping down and then back up.  Those same currents made it a rather breezy day, keeping things tolerable up at the top.



Last time we were here, my younger brother climbed out on this rock and posed.


I opted to stay firmly behind the low wall.  Mom, though, found another tree to befriend.


Soon, we were at the Maswik Lodge, getting checked in.  We grabbed lunch and dinner from the food court at our resort before walking back to our room.  They don’t have bottled water in the park, but they do have bottle filling stations.  They can be found at the resort and at the visitors centers and other locales throughout the park.  It reminded me of drinking from the water hose in the summer as a kid.  Ah, metal.

The next day, before boarding the train back down to Williams, we decided to ride the complimentary shuttles throughout the park.  We stopped at the main visitors center and watched the 20 minute movie about the Grand Canyon.  We rode to the Geology Museum.  We ended up at the Bright Angel Lodge and had lunch in the Cafe, which featured items from its original menus back when it was run by Fred Harvey.  That lunch was delicious.  I had their club sandwich and Mom had chili con carne in a sourdough bread bowl.

But then, it was time to board the train back down to Williams.


We kicked back in our seats and watched the scenery slip by.  Once again, singing cowboys wandered the cars and then those wily bad guys tried to rob the train.  They wanted money, jewelry and a woman who could cook.  They eyed Mom’s wrist and all her bracelets, but luckily, neither one of us is known for our cooking abilities and thus we were safe.  Just as the sun was setting, we pulled back into Williams.  Our bags were once again waiting in our room and after filling up at the buffet for dinner, we got cozy in our room, planning our drive to Bullhead City, AZ, our next stop.


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