Lake Havasu

About an hour and a half south of Bullhead City lies Lake Havasu City, AZ.  In order to get there from here, we had to drive through California for a bit down I-40.  Having to leave one state and go through another to get somewhere within this state was a bit surreal, but also rather interesting. After crossing back into Arizona and driving through miles and miles of hills and desert, we found ourselves back in civilization again.

We tried to find the London Bridge visitors center, but kept getting turned around, so we ended up at the Lake Havasu History Museum.  Two older ladies were working the small museum and seemed just tickled to have us come in.  Another couple of people wandered in and we were treated to a 20 minute DVD about the local area, starting with the Native people who used to live there, through the area’s use by the military as a recreation area, up to the purchase of the land by Robert McCulloch to test his outboard motors, then to build his own city.  We then toured through the rest of the museum.





Mom had found a bracelet in their little gift shop that she liked and as we were checking out, we asked about finding the London Bridge Visitors center.  The bridge that McCulloch bought from the London mayor and brought over to be the main tourist attraction to his new city wasn’t the bridge that everyone thinks of when they picture London Bridge.  That bridge is Tower Bridge and still firmly settled in London.  This bridge was brought over with carefully numbered stones and had been built in the 1800s, but couldn’t withstand motor vehicle traffic as it was.  When it came over, they built the stones around the steel infrastructure of the bridge, then built a channel under it so that it created an island to span to.


We were told that due to construction, you had to park your car in the casino boat parking lot and walk down to the visitors center.  And since we were going that way, take these two coupons that would get us a free boat ride that would take us somewhere for lunch.  Since it was lunch time and we were hungry, we got on the boat going to the undisclosed location to eat at a place that was never named.

Some of you are probably wondering why we would do such a thing and the only answer I have is…we were hungry.  Luckily, the boat simply took us to the other side of the lake, to California, to the Havasu Landing Resort and Casino.



We had a delicious lunch.  I had a cheeseburger and Mom had the Chemehuevi salad, named after the local Native tribe, which was served on traditional fry bread.  Since the boat only runs from the casino back to Lake Havasu City on the half hour, we had some time to kill and played a couple of the slots.

But then it was time to head back.  The boat took us back across to Arizona and we were finally able to see London Bridge.


If you’re driving from Laughlin or Bullhead City, expect to make a day trip out of this.  We did and we were very happy to have done so.


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