Got Our Kicks on Route 66

Less than an hour outside of Bullhead City lies Kingman, AZ and the Historic Route 66.  While we had traveled next to it and on it for about a mile after visiting the Petrified Forest, we devoted this ride to seeing some of the sights along Route 66.  Also known as the Mother Road and the Main Street of America, Route 66 connected the country by starting in Chicago, IL and ending some 2400+ miles away in Santa Monica, CA.  Originally opened in 1926, it served as the major thoroughfare between the East Coast and West Coast, until being bypassed by the Interstate system. In the 1960’s, a song was even dedicated to this road, used mainly by vacationers traveling to Los Angeles.  There was even a TV show centered around the highway.

Nowadays, the highway is mostly incorporated into some of the interstates or is managed by local states and counties.  Even though most of the traffic is gone, it still retains some of its quirkiness.





You never quite know what you might see as you ride down the road.  Perhaps an homage to a certain movie from a part of the Mouse House that involves automobiles?



Or a bar with a singer out front?



Or a locale where the building seemed to be held together with bumper stickers and an object from a bygone era-a pay phone.

Whatever you see, it is sure to be interesting.  Time might not have been kind to Route 66, but it has held on to its off-beat charm and will continue to do so for a long time.


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