Sitgreaves Pass

If you continue on former Route 66, now CR 10, out of Oatman towards Kingman, you find yourself on a twisty-turny loop of roadway that continues up into the Black Mountains and afford you some awesome views.




The speed limit is mostly 20 mph, with curves taking it down to 10-15 mph.  And it is best to stick to those speeds because most of the curves are blind and there are those who don’t agree with the speed.  Eventually, we found one large pull off, where we were able to see the terrain we had crossed.  Plus, others who had been through had left cairns, or rock mounds, to mark their passage, I suppose.


I didn’t leave once, since, knowing my luck, I’d try to pick up the rock hiding a momma rattlesnake.


Once we passed through Sitgreaves Pass, it was all down hill from there.  Altitudinally speaking.  We did hit one other place that required us to pull over and take some more pictures.





We were greeted by the gentleman working there who informed us that the place’s claim to fame was being blown up in the Jean Claude van Damme classic, Universal Soldier.  Then, it was used as inspiration for a scene in Disney-Pixar’s Cars.  There were some eclectic items on display.


The shirts advertised were once men’s 4x shirts that were cut up and braided together.  Supposedly, if you dipped the shirt in water, the braids would hold on to the water, keeping you cool in the 113 degree desert weather.  Since neither Mom nor I had any plans to hike out into the desert, we passed on them, though we did get a few pictures before we hit to road again.



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