Canyons and Cowboys

Last September, when Mom and I were on our test run of living on the road, we spent a few days in Sedona, AZ.  We were there during their rainy season, but we still decided to take one of the Jeep tours into the canyons around them, given by Red Rock Jeep Tours.  The tour we chose was the Canyons and Cowboys tour.

Our cowboy guide and driver was Big John.


He packed us into his jeep, including a couple other couples, and took us through town and out into the red rocks of Sedona.




There was an off and on mist that morning, so water dotted the ground and scrub brush.


Eventually, we ended up at the cabin of the Van Derens, who donated the land to the US Forest Service.




It definitely gives you an idea of just how rustic and hard living it was when Arizona was first being settled.  We then got back in the jeep and headed back towards town.



Now, it may sound that this was a nice drive in the country, but I assure you, you knew you were not on pavement.  And if you had any back problems, you begged to sit up front with Big John, because in the back, you were riding a bucking bronco.  Big John went over rocks that put the jeep at an almost 45 degree angle, as well as tipping down deep from the front and the back.  There was no going around obstacles, it was up and over.  And since it was open air, you held on to whatever you could to make sure you stayed in place, along with your lap belts.

Our guide talked about the geology and biology of the area as well as the history, including the number of Westerns filmed in the area.  It was a well informed, rocky and fun adventure.


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