Glen Canyon Float Trip

Another adventure Mom and I had last year while staying in Sedona is taking the Glen Canyon Float Trip down the Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry, the official start of the Grand Canyon.  As exciting as that sounds, there are no major rapids.  In fact, there is a picture later on in the blog that shows the roughest water we went on.

It was, once again, sprinkling as we boarded our van to take us from Sedona down to Glen Canyon, with a couple stops to pick up people in Flagstaff at their hotels.  The van (actually a mini-bus) drove us through the San Francisco Volcanic Field (which runs along the Colorado Plateau) and along the edge of the Painted Desert.  Finally, we arrived at the Welcome Center in Page (the location of the Glen Canyon Dam), got handed our bagged lunch and then our group boarded a bus with a couple other groups, to head down to the base of the dam.  It should be noted that there is a rather long, dark tunnel the bus goes through to get to the base, so you if have claustrophobia, be warned.

Once at the base, you are issued a hard hat to wear until you get to the rafts, because safety first!  But, it is a quick trip, so you don’t get too much hat head.  Then, you board your boat, with your lunch in hand and find a place to sit either on the outer floats or on benches towards the middle of the boat.  We opted for sitting on the inside, though up front so I could get some pictures.  And then we were on our way.



Part of the way down the river, someone spotted something moving towards the top of the canyon walls.  It was a person.


Not sure what he was doing up there.


Halfway through the trip, the boats pulled over on a beach so that everyone could enjoy their bagged lunch and use the facilities.  There were also some petroglyphs to enjoy.




Then it was time to get back on the boats to continue on to Lees Ferry.



As promised, here are the mighty rapids we conquered.


Then it was smooth sailing.


It was amazing to see the power that water has based on the huge chunks of missing canyon wall.  You can also see where the river has smoothed the missing rock face down.  The geological layers were easy to see, the walls striped with history.

SAM_0733 (2)

Eventually, we pulled into Lees Ferry and disembarked from the rafts and got back on our van to head back to Sedona.  It was an amazing trip, full of history, nature and relaxation.  It was a full day trip, with the van ride being 3 hours each way and the raft trip 4 1/2 hours itself.  But it was amazing.  This tour only runs from May 1st through October 1st, so make sure if you’re in the Sedona/Flagstaff area in that time to do it.


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