Getting Disconnected

One thing I have learned since being on the road is that everyone has a different definition of good wi-fi.  And most of them don’t jibe with my definition.  There have been a few location out in the middle of the woods when I can log on and work online for hours.  And others, in the middle of a city, where I wonder if I’m supposed to make a sacrifice to the wi-fi gods for just an hour of connection.

It is understandable that locations like the Grand Canyon or in a National Forest would have less than desirable wi-fi.  I mean, it isn’t like someone can build any antennas in the middle of protected land.  But if you are in a location surrounded by electrical wires and cell towers, then your wi-fi should be solid, right?


In a day and age where almost everyone is attached to each other via electronics, it makes me wonder how any place could say they have great wi-fi and it dies every 2 minutes.  Mom suggests that I should put on a tin foil hat and stand outside, hanging over the railing, with my computer in an attempt to strengthen the signal.  There may or may not have been a rude gesture included in my reply.  Besides, they are currently under a wind advisory here, with the steady wind blowing at a mere 20 mph.  I have a feeling the hat wouldn’t stay on.

So, long story not made in the least bit short, if you don’t hear from us for the next few days, blame the wi-fi gods, who didn’t tell me specifically what I was supposed to sacrifice to appease their fickle hearts to grant me the presence of wi-fi in my life.


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