The High Roller

Right off Las Vegas Boulevard lies the High Roller, a 550 foot tall Ferris wheel, that is attached to the LINQ casino and hotel.  Opened in 2014, it holds the title of the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, beating out the Singapore Sling, which stands at a humble 541 feet.


We had prepurchased our tickets through, a discount tour site.  Thus, our price per person was $19.99, as compared to the regular price of $25 per person for regular admission during the day.  Night trips (which start after sunset) cost more and if you’re looking to indulge in adult beverages during your half hour trip up and around, then that adds on to the price even more.  The Half Hour Happy Hour car does not allow children.


The wheel does not stop to allow you on.  While moving at a foot per second, you quickly get on before the doors close on you.  Each car can officially hold up to 40 people, but luckily we’re here at a time that isn’t so busy, so our car held a total of 6 people.


Before you could say “Yeah, I changed my mind”, the car pulled back out of the station and started its ascent.




As we started up, I noticed that the Las Vegas Monorail stopped at the LINQ hotel.  Something to do on another day.




Las Vegas began to spread out before and behind us (as you have a 360 degree view in the car).



A lot of work went in to making sure the High Roller was very safe, but I’ll admit that my acrophobia might have voiced an opinion or two.  That’s when I went back to snapping pictures.


Glancing out the back, we noted the lush greenery of the Wynn Golf Course.



Mom, of course, wasn’t having any issues with the heights.  Show off.

Before long (about 15 minutes in) we reached the pinnacle.



We could see for miles and miles all around us.  It is amazing just how big Las Vegas is.


The fountains at the Bellagio.  We were a bit too early to see them dancing.


I have to admit I was slightly amazed to see anyone in the pool.  It was in the low 70’s, which is winter weather in Florida.  But, I guess when in Vegas…

All in all we had a great time.  There was no sense of claustrophobia, because of the glass walls, and my acrophobia only poked at me when I wasn’t taking pictures and since the view was amazing, I was pretty much taking pictures the entire time.  A great taste of what’s available to us as we continue our month long experiment here in Vegas.


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