Scoot City Tours

This morning, we hopped in Red Rover and headed over to Summerlin, another area of Las Vegas away from the Strip.  There, we met up with Cody of Scoot City Tours.  If we had been staying at one of the hotels downtown, then we would have been picked up by their free shuttle, driven by Cody’s tour guide partner, Frank.


This is Cody, by the way.


Mom was excited because she was going to ride with someone different.  “More cautious and less crazy,” she put it.  You go around one 25 mph corner at 45 and you get labeled crazy.  I, however, was riding in my own scooter.  Since we were early, Cody took plenty of time to explain how the scooters worked.  He also made sure we knew what we were doing, though he made sure to stick near our scooters while we were on the tour, too.


The controls, he explained, were pretty similar to a motorcycles, with no pedals involved.  It took some practice, but eventually, we got the hang of it.  Once Frank and the rest of the group who were in the shuttle arrived, we got on the road for Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.


You start out riding the streets of Summerlin on your way to the Red Rocks, which was a bit intimidating.  While the scooters are street legal, they don’t go over 35 mph and some car drivers were in a hurry and didn’t pay as much attention to our caravan of little red 3 wheeled scooters on the road as they should have been.

But Cody and Frank got us to our first stop, the Visitor’s Center at Red Rock NCA, in one piece.  Both men recommended using the bathroom facilities at the Visitor’s Center, as they were the only ones with running water.  Then, we were able to take a few pictures before heading into the red rocks.




It was a beautiful day, with the temperatures rising in to the lower 70s and the sun shining in partly cloudy skies. The roads in the park were well paved, which made the ride enjoyable.






Then it was time to drive on to our next stop, at almost 5000 feet elevation.  The road twisted and turned, going up into the mountains, following the terrain.



Mom was enjoying herself immensely, but decided while we were stopped to get a dose of Vitamin D with a small sun bath in the scooter.


Once again we drove on.  There were a total of 4 stops in different areas of the park.  Each site held its own natural magic.


Mom caught me trying to take a picture, doing her best photobomb.

Finally, we headed back into Summerlin.  Cody and Frank were great guides, giving us time to explore while keeping us on task.  They also made sure that everyone who left with the group came back with the group.  Remember how I mentioned Mom was riding with a driver who was more careful than I was?  Well, we ended up leaving them behind multiple times.  But Cody, thank goodness, kept our little late ducklings on the road and eventually they caught up.

We both had a marvelous time.  Cody and Frank provided individual attention while also making everyone in the group feel special.  I would recommend this tour to everyone (though the age limit for those riding is 8 years old at minimum and drivers have to be at least 21).  Each car can hold 2 people (up to 400 pounds total) and run at $250 per scooter, though we found a Groupon.  Still, for something this different and off the beaten path, it is practically a steal.  Its amazing that this tour isn’t more well known.  It was great to get away from the neon and glitz and ride through nature with the wind blowing in our hair and the sun on our face.  A definite respite from the usual Las Vegas entertainment, Scoot City Tours is a fabulous tour to take if you’re in Las Vegas.


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