Skyline Helicopter Tours

In North Las Vegas lies the Las Vegas regional airport, which is home to Skyline Helicopter Tours.  Somehow, Mom convinced me that we needed to do this.  And I’ll admit, I’m glad she did.

We drove up to North Las Vegas and checked in for our flight.  We had to fill out a few bits of paperwork and then came the moment all women dread.  We had to be weighed, holding our bags.  They didn’t tell us what came up, but also didn’t seem worried about us getting off the ground.

Even though our tour was scheduled for 1:30, they wanted us there an hour early and, because it was us, we were even earlier.  But that was no problem.  They had us out on the tarmac at about 12:45.  We were individually placed in the helicopter, with Mom behind our pilot Dan and I was on the other side.  We both had a window seat.  I was a bit nervous, but before we knew it, we were airborne.


Because we were on the VIP tour, we got to fly over both Red Rock NCA (previously discussed in our Scoot City post) and Las Vegas.  It was neat seeing what the city and surrounding areas looked like from the air.  There was construction going on all over the place, with our pilot stating that, on average, 15,000 people move to the city every month.


Then, we were over Red Rock.





What seemed majestic from the ground was awe-inspiring from the air.  Then, we were heading for the Strip.  The juxtaposition from the arid desert surrounding the Red Rocks to the city was heavily marked.



The size of Las Vegas and its surrounding communities is immense.


But soon the familiar architectural landmarks came into view.




And we got to see where they’re building the new stadium for when the LA Rams move to Las Vegas.







While the view of the Strip was amazing, there were some hidden gems that could only be seen from the air to be viewed too.


But then, it was time to return to the ground.


The tour we took is normally $169.00 per person, but they do run specials or you can sometimes find them on Groupon (which is what we did).  There is an additional $25 airport fee that you pay when you check in for your tour, as well.  There are other options you can add on (such as taking the doors off or prepurchasing a photo package).  There is also a weight limit of 3 passengers/600 pounds with the doors on.  Still, it was an amazing adventure and something we’ll always remember.


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