Ethel M Botanical Gardens

With Thanksgiving weekend just around the corner, we decided to head back to Ethel M to stock up on a few sweet treats before staying out of the way of holiday shoppers this weekend.  And since we were there, we decided to take in the botanical garden as well.

For the most part, when you think about botanical gardens, you picture flowers and greenery and all the colors of the rainbow.  But remember, Las Vegas is in the desert, so its environment isn’t suited to the same flora as North Carolina or Louisiana.  They make due with the bounty of the desert.  For all its aridness, there’s beauty to behold.


Since it is the holiday season, the cacti in the garden have been bedecked with Christmas lights, both big and small.  At night, the lights come on and on the weekends, you can visit with Santa Claus and go ice skating.  That’s right, ice skating in the desert.  Hey, Vegas is known for its magic!



Above is an agave plant.  Not only does it provide agave nectar, which can be used as a replacement for sugar or honey, but it also is used in the manufacturing of tequila.


These plants are not ones you want to get up close and personal with.  But with their curves and bends, they have an almost Seussian feel to them.


Speaking of Dr. Seuss, we found Mom’s favorite trees again, the Joshua Tree.


Still not a huggable tree, but it seemed right at home among the prickly pears and Christmas lights.  Even though the candy factory is very near the airport, you could still gain that sense of peacefulness that comes when you’re surrounded by nature.  A nice slice of the desert in the heart of the city.


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