The Long Road Home

So, once again, we have packed up Red Rover and hit the road.  This time, we’re taking the next 3 weeks to make our way back to Florida to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my younger brother and his family.

After leaving Las Vegas, we stopped last night in Kingman, AZ and stayed in a hotel on Route 66.  Then, it was time to drive to Tuscon, AZ, where we’re spending the next 4 nights.

Obviously, Mom didn’t get her usual 8+ hours of sleep.  How do I know this?  As we were driving along Hwy 93, we were commenting on the scenery (desert and cactus) when she suddenly yelled out “DINNER!,” and pointed at the road.  There was a huge chunk of semi truck tire in the middle of our lane.  Neither one of us is certain why she yelled “DINNER” at the top of her lungs when seeing a tire in the road.  She claims she was tired.  I’ll go along with it (though I did take time during our drive to point to pieces of tire on the side of the road and yell DINNER).

If that doesn’t read as a sign that we need to get back on the road (Mom mistaking road garbage as a meal), then I don’t know what would.




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