Murchison Rogers Park


In El Paso, there is a drive, known as Scenic Drive, that takes you up to a small park where you can see the city and all the way to Mexico.  That park is named Murchison Rogers Park, but if you ask the locals, they only know it as Scenic Drive Park.  A bit off I-10, which cuts through the center of town, you wind up a mountain road at 25 mph.  We happened to come into El Paso during a cold front, so the clouds were pretty thick.



The drive reminded us of winding up to Mesa Verde or through the Hot Springs mountains.  Luckily, Red Rover is so used to these kinds of drives, he didn’t balk once.




An interesting, uninterrupted view of our neighbor to the south, the drive is fun and the view unequaled.  I wish my pictures did it justice, but I’ll admit I didn’t take many because it was 50 degrees and the wind was blowing.  What?  I lived in Florida for nearly 15 years.  My blood is thin and 50 degrees is way too cold for little ole me!  Still, a beautiful sight.


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