The Floridians’ Blizzard

One of the problems of planning as far in advance as we do is that Mother Nature doesn’t give a flying squirrel about our planning.  This was demonstrated to us very visibly this morning when we arose in El Paso.


Our poor Floridian car was wearing a white blanket of snow.


Last time I saw snow accumulation, we lived in Virginia Beach.  That would have been the winter of 2002.  So, 15 years since snow.  I’m not counting the time Walt Disney World set up a temporary attraction after Frozen came out and they made ‘snow’ for kids to play in.  This was actual snow.


Our plans for tomorrow were to head North to Roswell, NM for a couple days.  But there was no way we were going to head north after seeing this.  So, we contacted our host and have made arrangements to stay in El Paso for 2 more nights.


Why, you ask?  Because it is supposed to drop well below freezing tonight and we don’t want to take a chance of black ice or any other weather conditions.  That’s the thing about living this road tripping lifestyle.  You have to be able to be flexible when it comes to traveling.  We did it when hurricanes were battering the Gulf coast.  So, this time we’ll work around a different kind of weather pattern.  Still, we’re working our way back to Florida and its lack of snow.


We realize that to those who live in more northern climates this sounds really wimpy. But after living in Florida for 15 years, our blood is thin and our snow driving capacity is nil. So, we accept our wimpiness and will get to enjoy El Paso for a couple more days.


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