Why We’ve Been Quiet Lately

Some of you may have wondered why we haven’t posted since our stay in Crystal River last month.  Part of it was due to the holidays. Being home with family can take up quite a bit of time.  But, for the most part, we’ve been quiet because Mom suffered a heart attack on December 30th.

Which brings us to our topic of this particular post, what happens when you have a medical emergency while traveling.  We can’t speak to traveling in a foreign country, only here in the US for US citizens.  For that, I would suggest to check with that country before traveling.

Before you travel, check to see that your health insurance will travel with you.  If you have an HMO, contact your insurance provider to see what their policy is if you get sick when out of your home area.  If you’re the proud owner of a PPO, you’re pretty safe, though you’ll be paying more out of pocket than you would back home.

Find out where the nearest medical facility is.  Even if it is just a ‘doc-in-a-box’, aka Urgent Care Clinic, know where it is and how to get there.  It is better to be over-prepared in a medical emergency situation than under prepared.

Make sure your wishes are known.  Even if it is just a card in your wallet, have something prepared that let’s the medical personnel know if you want to be resuscitated or intubated or who your medical proxy might be.  If you have a traveling companion, make sure they know what your wishes would be in this instance as well.  There were some times when I had to be called on to make decisions for Mom while she was not able to make them on her own.

Trust local medical professionals.  When the ambulance came to get Mom from the AirBnB we were staying in, they asked where she wanted to be taken.  She asked for the best one and they made the decision based on their experiences.  And I can honestly admit that she has had the best care.

No matter what, you can’t plan for everything.  There are just too many variables that could take all your careful plans and flush them down the toilet.

More to come tomorrow.


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