Aquarium of the Bay

On Tuesday, I caught the CalTrain from Sunnyvale, where I’m visiting family, up to San Francisco.


That experience is a blog in and of itself that I’ll save for later.  Once in San Francisco, I caught the E light rail trolley down to Fisherman’s Wharf and over to Pier 39, home of the Aquarium of the Bay.


You begin on the 3rd floor and look at some of the denizens who reside in San Francisco Bay.


Then you take the elevator down to the first floor and the walk through tubes that represent the waters of the Bay, without all the cloudiness that is actually present.



The jellyfish are set to the side, then you begin your walk-through.  I guess it is tiring being a display fish, as I found several just resting on their laurels (or tank shelf).





There was also two large fish that looked like something you would find in the fossil record.


Certainly made it easy to photograph them.  Next, you come to a small break with displays of some other creatures that wouldn’t do well in the tunnels, including crabs and rock clingers.


Oh, and this guy.

Then, you move on to the larger tunnel, featuring sharks, rays and sturgeons.



Finally, you take the elevator back upstairs to see the touch labs and the river otter exhibit.


We arrived just in time to watch the feeding and the training they do with the otters.


While not the least expensive place I’ve ever visited, if you keep in mind this is California, then the prices aren’t as bad.  For anyone 13-64, general admission is $26.95, ages 4-12 is $16.95, and seniors 65+ are $21.95.  There are optional add ons of behind the scenes tours or shark feedings plus options of adding on other attractions in the Fisherman’s Wharf area.



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