Stevens Creek Trail

In a break from the on again/off again rain that seems rather present in Northern California right now, I headed over to check out a small portion of the Stevens Creek Trail, a pedestrian/bicyclist path that stretches 5 miles from Shoreline Park to Mountain View.  A bit of nature in the heart of Silicone Valley.

The creek itself starts out in the Santa Cruz Mountains and winds its way down into the San Francisco Bay.  Originally named Arroyo San José de Cupertino by the explorer Juan Bautista de Anza, then Cupertino Creek, then around 1866 it was renamed again for Elijah Stephens, a blacksmith from South Carolina, who’s 160 acre property was around where the creek starts.

I entered the path in Mountain View, the city just up from where I’m currently staying in Sunnyvale.


The creek, after a really good downpour, usually rises up high on its banks, but today, the creek wasn’t really visible for several sections of the part I walked.


There was a puddle or two before I got to the bridge.


From the looks of the walls of the creek and the downed trees at the bottom, when this creek floods, it is rather dangerous.  On the steep sides, there are fences set up to keep people safe, though not the entire walk.  One thing I did note, while walking, is that even though there is a major road way nearby, you could lose yourself in the nature of this pathway.



The pathway takes you towards another path that leads towards a park/school.  It was rather welcoming and I simply couldn’t resist walking over and taking a peek down.

The sun did attempt to peek through, but for the most part, opted to take Sunday off for rest.  The pathway is surrounded by green grass and trees, but also many pops of color from the flowering plants that edge the walk.



On my way back to the parking area near the former Mountain View CalTrain station, I happened to look into one of the parking lots edging the road, empty of its Monday-Friday cars and noted something that made me smile.


This tree reminded me of the feeling a retail worker gets when a customer insists they look again in the back room for an item that isn’t in stock.  He even has a name tag!

A nice getaway from the hustle of Silicone Valley, Stevens Creek Trail is a great walk in nature.  One thing to note, though.  You share the walk with bicyclists, who sometimes go a bit faster than the posted biking speeds.  Stay alert while walking and you’ll be fine.


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