Art Boutiki

Last evening, I went with a friend of the family to see Romain Pilon at Art Boutiki in San Jose.  Set in a residental/business area of San Jose, this location wasn’t quite what I expected.  First off, the front of the shop is a comic book store.  You definitely get the feel of a more laid back view of comic books/manga/anime items.  Casually laid out, there are also more Island feel objects scattered around the room, like the monkey in a suit holding a tray on which sits a potted plant.

At the back of the comic book shop area is a tiki hut, where you check in for the show.  The show area is blocked off by floral print curtains, but they do nothing to block the sound from the other side.  We were lucky enough to hear some of the rehearsal before going back.

Tables and chairs were arranged in front of the stage, with sofas and loveseats ranging around the side and back of the space.  In one corner stands the bar/food prep area.  We had already eaten before arriving, so we simply got drinks and settled in to enjoy.

Unbeknownst to us, this offering was to showcase not just the jazz guitarist Romain Pilon, but 4 students from the San Jose Jazz Consortium.  They quartet preformed first a couple of songs, before being joined by the professional.  I’ll be the first to admit that jazz isn’t a music style I have any familiarity with, but they were good.  We really enjoyed the show.

If you’re traveling to San Jose and looking for an interesting evening, definitely check out Art Boutiki and see what’s on the agenda for that week.  Also, if you enjoy jazz guitar, you can find Romain Pilon on YouTube.


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